radical storytelling – an introduction

My graduate thesis, “Radical Storytelling,” explores alternative forms of contemporary art criticism, specifically examining subjectivity, intimacy, and individual experience as tools for critical practice.

As with art history, close relationships with either the art or the artist are traditionally considered taboo for the critic. It’s a question of proximity: how can one objectively critique something so close to home?

Using an admixture of Gertrude Stein, Hunter S. Thompson, interviews, fiction, and personal narrative, “Radical Storytelling” offers, for the reader’s consideration, criticism that embraces the intimate, the messy, and the subjective. Reflecting upon the shifts in technology, cultural values, art consumption, and arts education, it examines the boundaries and possibilities of memory and identity-based relational criticism within a contemporary framework.


Chap 1 – Write About Love
creatures of story
i have simply described them | kathy acker
visions of a woman in motion

Chap 2 – Tame the Holy Beast
becoming gertrude stein
what are GONZOs, p1
promises, promises | philip leider
what are GONZOs, p2

interlude | hello again, dear reader

Chap 3 – Fables
viva lisa – an interview with sam ramos
the bold and the beautiful | lynne tillman
play dead; real time
please keep your hands and arms inside the story at all times – an interview with laurel foglia
occupied | julia bryan-wilson
lost in space – an interview with anthony stepter
room for clouds | lori waxman

Chap 4 – No Hard Feelings
there’s a fire on evergreen street
can we get real for a second? – an interview with james t. green
superman never saved no black people
women unite!
come ‘ere baby
don’t fucking look at me
the walking class, reprise
figure 8

Radical Storytelling was originally published on 14 Dec, 2013.



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